How To Find The Best ClickBank Products To Promote

Recently, I wrote an article here about the two ways to make money from ClickBank and I got some positive feedback from Ms. Ileane’s blog readers.

Many of you are very curious to know more about ways to find new products to promote and more effective ways to promote those affiliate products. So now I am continuing the series, and in this article, I will tell you how to choose profitable products from the ClickBank Marketplace.

This article is for those of you who have already signed up for ClickBank but you failed to find the right products to promote or perhaps you want to increase the number of sales you’re getting. Maybe you are someone who actually stopped promoting ClickBank products because you weren’t satisfied with your income, then you need to take this post seriously. If you’re new to the concept of affiliate marketing, now might be the right time for you to start making money from your blogging efforts, so go ahead and get yourself a Clickbank account and give these tips a try.

5 things to remember when researching ClickBank products

I will guide you step by step –

1. Understanding Your Audience –

First thing you need to learn is – What exactly your readers want to know? If you have a blog based on “Fitness”.. Then you need to know which kinds of fitness program are creating a buzz in the community, analyze its pros and cons and in the end finally experiment with it yourself, before recommending it your readers. This will help you to drastically improve your conversion rate.

Second thing you need to know about your audience is their age-group and other similar demographics. To know about this, you need to concentrate on delivering quality content and connect with them through social networks! Encourage your readers to comment on your blog post. Humorous lines, sarcastic jokes could add to more engagement among readers. If readers are more engaged, they will automatically comment.

There are lots of ClickBank products based on exercise, health and beauty, weight loss and in the Fitness category. But it doesn’t matter if your website is focused on a different topic because you can use this same strategy, no matter what niche you are in.

2. Understanding Gravity & Conversion Rate of ClickBank Products

After you understand your audience’s requirements, you need to check the Gravity of a particular product. Gravity plays an important role in knowing about the popularity of a particular product. Gravity tells you how the product has been successfully sold by different and unique affiliates. Products with over 50 Gravity are selling good. If the gravity is above 100, you need not to look into the sales page. But, if you find any product with lower gravity but a good conversion rate, then I would definitely recommend you to promote that product.

Here’s the screenshot to help make this more clear


3. Keyword Research

The number of searches of the product you are selling is also important. The exact monthly searches should be not be greater than 5000 if you’re just starting to promote your first product. You can check the stats for a particular keyword using a professional search tool like Market Samurai or the free Google Keyword Planner  Tool. Also, you need to check whether the competition is high or low. If the competition is high, you need to take a different the product and then try to promote it..

If you have just started your internet marketing journey, then I recommend you to go with a product having less than 5000 exact match searches and low competition.

4. Google AdSense Comparisons

Are you monetizing your blog with Google AdSense? If YES, you might have seen some ads about gadgets, movie- trailers, software, weight loss and other products related to your niche appear in the ads on your blog. If not, here’s example of what I mean in Google Search.

Below is the picture of the ads appearing in the Google Search Results Page.

Clickbank products in Google Search

These keywords will help you in choosing a right product for that you can promote from the Marketplace. If some ads are shown related to the product you have searched then it means the product has good potential for sales.

5. Contact The Author/Owner

After you have judged the product with the 4 steps given above, you need to search in Google and find out more about the author/owner of that product. This will help you to know more about the person behind the product. For example, John Chow (Best Internet Marketer In The World) has recently launched a product named as IM John Chow. So, we all know how famous John Chow is. He makes more than a Million dollars every year from his blog.

These are the points that you need to gather about the owner. Well, by contacting the owner, you can ask him about getting a review copy so that you can know everything about the product before you start promoting it. Or, you can buy the product directly so you can do your review of it.

You want to gain the trust of your readers by writing real customer reviews. Tell the story about your experience and how the product has made you happy or helped you in some way. This will do wonders to improve your sales and conversion rates.

What questions do you have about this? Please let me know in the comments.


Dhruv Bhagat is a prolific blogger who is learning more about Internet Marketing everyday.


  1. Hi Dhruv,
    A lot of people fail on Clickbank because of the lack o these basic understanding. One thing I have learned too is to presell a product by doing reviews. Doing this for a product you have used will enable you sale more and make more commissions.

    Good read bro

    • Hi Enstine,

      Yeah, writing a real customer review boost your sales! Also, one should be in contact with the Author so that he can tell you the right way to promote :)

    • One thing to take note of that you may also care to know is that the higher the gravity for a clickbank product, the more competition there is for it. So although it’s converting and selling a lot, it may be harder for you to get noticed if you’re building a niche site around it.

  2. Hello Dhruv,
    What a brilliant and well presented post you got here. I truly did understand your post very well. I have not gone to the affiliate route yet but i am still learning the ropes of it before entering the market. i am getting resources before i start so i won’t have to fail in a bad way and this your post is useful. Thanks.

  3. Hi Dhruv,

    I knew 80% of what you just mentioned, but the 20% I didn’t know, well…that was certainly another eye opener. Thanks for these tips! Especially on your tip on writing about a different topic then put ads about the product your promoting on other parts of your site! More power to you!

  4. This is a great post involving clickbank I really get confused everytime I head to clickbank site, Now this post made things clearier from me
    thanks for sharing 😀

  5. Hi Dhruv,

    What a wonderful information thanks a lot for telling about Click Bank and also 5 things, Understanding Your Audience is very important because we have give then what there want not a we want so nice article keep posting,Thanks you very much.

  6. Clickbank is lucrative yet challenging!
    First of all, we need to pick one niche. bWe need to pick one we have an interest in. I wouldn’t recommend going with a product that has a really high gravity because it’s probably been out for a while, and smart marketers have already gotten ranked for the money keywords. I would go for a quality product that’s selling but is still on the upswing. It won’t be so competitive that we can’t rank for it, and if we’ve done our job right, it will bring us some sales. Before we go just promoting stuff, we have to do research, and I seriously doubt anyone will do that for us. It’s a part of the job.

    • Hi Okto,

      Yeah man!! But these points do matter a lot.. Because Gravity tells us about the successful products!

      And these successful products are the only quality products!

      So, its better to find a product which has less competition but with high gravity…

      You will surely gonna rank for it in less time as compared to others :)

  7. Ronald Jackson

    I have referred all the suggestions mentioned in this article, but what should be the title to get ranking ? For ex. Muscle Blater is product name then should i write Muscle Blaster Review or i should also join product bame with title.

    • Hi Ronald,

      I knew it that I would be getting this question from the readers here!

      I will surely gonna write about the same continuing the ClickBank series!

      Stay tuned :)

  8. i am using both Clickbank and Infolinks ads on my website. Clickbank generates more money than Infolinks but your website should be getting lots of us traffic.

  9. developing your credibility is internet marketer is heck of the task if you could not have done so it means you just keep on promoting the products but no one would buy it; for this you must be quite personal with your readers and build an image as being of their greatest sympathiser and guide to make them spend a happy life.

    • Hi Edson,

      Well, one thing you can do is to write a real customer reviews and testimonials from different people about that product!

      People love it, get inspired, buy it..


  10. hello dhruv
    I would like to appreciate your efforts, you have stated so many valuable point , I’m sure this gonna be very helpful to those failed to make some good amount from clickbank. ***INFORMATIVE STUFF***

  11. Affiliate marketing is the trend today. Unfortunately, millions of online users are looking for affiliate marketing jobs as a source of income. This leads to high cut throat competition and majority of online users that are practicing affiliate marketing tend to quit.

    Your article talks about ways of beating the competition so that the affiliate marketer laughs to the bank. This is a good quality article because it took me time to understand it.

  12. Hey Dhruv

    I think that the Gravity figure in ClickBank is often misunderstood.

    A higher gravity figure isn’t necessarily a good thing. It just means that there are more affiliates promoting that product who have made at least one sale over the previous eight weeks. It doesn’t measure the total number of sales made.

    • But apparently, the particular product has been selling from most of the affiliates!

      The one with high gravity is the one with large amount of sales :)

      • Not necessarily, it just means that they have made at least one sale in the past eight weeks.

        A product with a lower gravity may have sold many more but have less affiliates promoting it.

  13. Hi – this is a helpful post and I like the fact that you’ve emphasised the need to review the product yourself before promoting it.

    I’ve heard it’s also good to check the product out in CBEngine, where you can also get the % of sales referred by affiliates – you’re best going for products where this is high because you’ve more chance of making sales.


  14. Ferb

    One of the important thing to help you make sell on ClickBank is to have an email list with people who interested in what you were or are talking about to buy your product. Or if you’re famous in a particular social networking site is great to promote your product there and focus on building email list is what really get people to buy your product.

    Thanks – Ferb

    • Hi Ferb,

      If you have a good amount of blog readers.. Then it’s obvious that you will be promoting a particular product from your email list…

      Anyways, thanks for mentioning.. Read more about Affiliate Marketing Tips for beginners..

  15. Actually, I have tried click bank many times with higher gravity, almost and always I failed to success and I wasted my traffic to clickbank. Because they will not give pay per click or pay for impression. So I have removed clickbank ads. But this article provides me a great idea to advertise on my sites.


  16. This is such a great list of idea’s but I don’t have enough of a following to really do much of these yet. Once I’ve got the followers and visitors up I will definitely be implementing some of these. Thanks for share it.

  17. The first point was the best among all these points, if you are not able to judge your readers then all your later efforts will bring nothing to you. Very good guide for beginners.

  18. Hi Dhruv,

    Great tips for ClickBank users. Although I’ve not tried ClickBank, these tips are really helpful for future use.

    Thanks :)

  19. Hi Dhruv,

    Nice effort, i want to comment on the 2nd point “Gravity and Conversion Rate of CB”. Mostly the vendors of the product buy their own product with different payment information to boost their gravity and to attract the affiliates. So according to my experience you should fully read salespage and then decide it to promote or not and also talk to the seller via contact page to ask the quality if possible.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Is it so? I never know that they buy their own products just to increase the conversion!!

      Thanks a lot for telling all of us about that.. This would be helpful when I will create my own product..

      Thanks a lot :)

  20. I already knew about looking at the gravity rating of the clickbank product, but looking at Google ads for similar products to see if the product is worth promoting is new to me. Thanks for the advice, it has given me an idea on how to approach my next clickbank product promotion.

  21. Great post Dhruv,

    On the gravity issue, even with a huge gravity score, I would still look at the sales pages and see how well they are put together and if the content of the sales pages represent an honest description of the product. When you promote a CB product, you can actually get in trouble if the product your promoting is more hype than substance.

    Thanks again!

  22. Hi Dhuruv.
    I’m definitely going to be taking the clickbank route as well for a couple of new sites I’ll be launching for the summer. It’s always good to do your research before you promote anything so that’s a great point. Awesome post!

  23. Hello Dhuruv.

    Loved the angle you tool on a very mainstream topic for affiliate marketers!

    Solid and logically based criteria for searching CB yet due to it’s ‘simplicity’ very many tend to overlook! These are no doubt powerful strategies although it is so easy, and so common to ‘over think or overlook’ the powerful truths right in front of us!

    Great job at bringing this back into focus for all of us!


  24. Jacob

    Pick one niche that you feel most convenient with, and you believe that can be expert on it.
    The one that easy for you to learn, to find all the sources that you need, have many good affiliate products to sell, and level of competition that make you feel confidence that you can reach your target/goal.

    Selling is about trust. You can not expect people to buy a product if you do not have good knowledge on the stuff you sell…

  25. Hey Dhruv,

    ClickBank? Well, that’s fairly new to me. I guess I need to check it and make an account from it so that I can thoroughly see what it can do for me. Well, about the 5 things to be remembered, I guess no. 1 is already understandable. Choosing the right product for your target readers is a logical thing to do. I guess, the best reminder for everyone is not to be greedy and that to be loyal for your promoted products. Greed is the main reason why others often commit this mistake. They tend to promote products that is not suitable for their audience which in return leaves a doubtful impression from their audience.

  26. you need to check whether the competition is high or low. If the competition is high, you need to take a different the product and then try to promote it..

    that is from your inst. above, but the wording is missing a word or something, so can you please re-explain that last sentence.

  27. Hey Dhruv,
    Nice article you wrote there.
    I have always tried my hand at making money with Clickbank and at times I have been successful too. But picking up a product and promoting that only through a site or any other method is something that I still need to work upon.
    Even when I end up at a product, I can’t figure out it’s proper conversion rate.
    But I would surely try out the tips and pick a winning product.
    Thanks :)

  28. Make money with ClickBank is not easy, I’ve seen lot of bloggers failed to promote the ClickBank products becuase they don’t know to promote.

    We need to promote only high quality good products that relate with our niche and audience. We need to learn the basic skills to promote the products.

    Thanks for the great share!

  29. Hi Dhruv,

    Let me just say that #5 is a big one for me. Outside of using the product myself contacting the product or service owner and asking them things like what sets your product apart or asking about the types of customers they have, what customer complaints or comments they’ve gotten, can make a huge difference in your promotions.

    Elizabeth :-)

  30. Hey Dhruv,

    I own few tech-blogs and have had some really bad experiences with Clickbank. Although they have products in almost every niche, I was not able to convert the leads in my initial days. But I would like to state that now I have started getting some quick money through CB, they are one of the best. Thanks for sharing these tips. With experience and continuous learning, we can surely succeed in Affiliate marketing.

  31. I was looking for a Detailed Guide about Clickbank. Now i can stop here. because this information is enough for setup click bank affiliate in my blog. Thanks for Sharing.

  32. I’ve been trough clickbanks products but I cant decide what products is good for my site… but tnx to you I know now where to search.. and what to find… thank you for sharing this article..

  33. Hey Dhruv,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. I never used ClickBank but after reading this post it really seems interesting and I will surely gonna use all the points you mentioned above.

  34. I heard a lot about the ClickBank system, but never tried personally. However, whenever I read some article on its system. I simply got interested to work on it. I hope one day, I will surely get time to setup my blog and product specific posts to make more sales.

  35. I’ve been using ClickBank for a long time now and it happend to be my main source of online income. I’d suggest anyone to start using it, if you have a good website with a good audience it won’t be so hard to sell ClickBank products to them; and if you have a decent amount of people on your email list – you’re set and ready to make some serious money.

  36. Love your series on Clickbank.

    Keep up the good work!

    The best way to get the money from Blogging is to gain a good list of email subscribers and promoting your own wonderful product that you created.

    Samuel from Internet Dreams

  37. I just started affiliate marketing a few months ago and it has been challenging to say the least. I’m going to try some of your practices and see what happens. I do have click bank but have not done much with it yet. Thank you for the information.

  38. i was wondering how to improve my business. Then I finally visit this blog, i found something interesting and helps me to understand my way you improve my business. Great piece of info here! Resect to authors!

  39. thanks fr sharing this valuable information to your readers dhruv, clickbank is the nice alternative to Google adsense as it promise to give its promoter a good amount of money.., but selling a product is not an easy task, you’ve given nice tips here.. :)

  40. Wade Harman

    Here’s a crazy idea…don’t promote anything you’re not using. How can you successfully and honestly promote an affiliate product without having even had experience with it? Sounds a little fishy to me…

  41. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this blog. I may have misunderstood but do you mean that those with gravity above 100 should be ignore? We should instead look at gravity that are not too high with high conversion rate?

  42. First of all, I found the article very interesting because, I have noticed and I have to admit, affiliate marketing is one of the top income generating marketing online. And to know how to do it with one of the popular affiliate sites is a good help. Nice article!

    I saw this on, an IM social networking site and “Kingged” it. :)

  43. Mira

    Thanks for all the information. I am very new in this business. You all mentioned about picking up a niche. If you have a website, and promote only one product, will this attract people to come to your site?

  44. I always promote top products, didn’t made a dime so far.

    Probably because traffic is poor or don’t exist. Hmm…

    However I’ll not give up .It’s too late to give up. I just started!

  45. I have a question which is irritating me from a long time. Will ask from the best person out here-John Chow. In today’s market we see, many top internet marketers promoting click bank products and making good amount of revenue from them.

    What can the beginner or newbie internet marketers do, to start off with few sales in a month? As most of the pie is eaten by top internet marketers itself.