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3 Job Boards for Bloggers Where Bloggers and Companies Meet

Three Job Boards for Bloggers

Blogging is a very lucrative activity. As a blogger, you can offer your services and be rewarded handsomely. You can either be paid to post on your blog or on your clients’ blog. Either way, there is money to be made. Today, there are some job boards for bloggers, which make it possible for us to easily seal writing deals with companies. Many companies are looking for bloggers to hire for many different types of blogging jobs.

Transform Your Blog To A Real Discussion Board Through Blog Commenting!

blog commenting

In this post, I want us to see how you can turn your blog to a real discussion board thereby encouraging repeat visits and improving your SEO through a positive increase in page impressions, return visits, page views and time on site. I’m not going to dwell on how to get more comments or why you don’t get comments. Instead let’s discuss what needs to be done to get your readers coming back for more interaction and blog commenting.

2 Valuable Principles of Success in Blogging!

How to succeed in blogging is one of the most difficult questions faced by bloggers these days. While beginners strive to achieve success, pro bloggers burn their fingers on ways to maintain current success and even add more to it. Blogging is a lucrative activity on the Internet today. While different users blog for different reasons, everyone’s pushing on to the mark of success. Success is the results of hard work and principles. Blogging has its own principles that must be followed if growth is what we desire daily. Here are 2 valuable principles of success in blogging.

5 Steps to Creating An Extremely Popular Blog

An extremely popular blog

Let’s quickly look at the 5 necessary steps you must go through to be able to build a popular blog Start with a short memorable domain name. This is the crucial beginning. You have to make things easy for us by avoiding long, twisted and unpronounceable domain name. One of the reasons I don’t visit some blogs more than one time is their domain names. If it’s hard to pronounce, it will be harder to memorize. While trying to favor search engines in the choice of your domain name, we (human visitors) should be even more favored. So if you are interested in having a popular blog, start by choosing a domain name that’s easy to remember …continue reading…