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Ehsan Ullah is 18 years old blogger and founder of Guide to Blogging community where he help bloggers build successful blogs. He has also written an eBook on "Starting a Blog 101" for newborn bloggers.

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Take Baby Steps Towards Your Blogging Goals For Success

Taking Baby Steps

In today’s world we are thinking about instant gratification as a way of getting things done. We sometimes forget that it’s a journey to get anywhere in life and too often we think that the end result is what which matters the most. In fact It’s a process of getting there which matters the most and which is meaningful. Being able to build a blog as well as following requires you to be honest with yourself like a baby and learn the idea of taking it one step at a time.

8 Tips For Taking Your Blog From Zero To Hero In 2012-13

your blog from zero to hero

Taking your blog from zero to hero requires hard work and lots of knowledge about your niche. A new born baby needs a lot of time and energy to grow, same happens in Blogging. A new blog also needs time, a lot of hard work and energy to be able to grow.
It’s important for bloggers to remain focused and consistent with their blogging efforts. Many people don’t have the endurance it takes to maintain a thriving blog which can lead to lots of trouble along the way. I know you heard this many times before, you can’t expect your blog to take off overnight. At first, you have to work on your blog at least 4 to 6 hours a day and every day of the week…continue reading…