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Brent Yorzinski formerly served as the Executive Chairman at Agilis Marketing. He now lives overseas and leads a team of specialists as the SEO Product Manager for The Web Showroom in Sydney, Australia. He focuses on the entire search product offered by the company to help deliver clients substantial increases in organic traffic.

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How To Market Your Blog Internationally

Marketing Your Blog

There are numerous considerations and strategies that a blog author should consider when marketing their posts. However, the majority of bloggers do not to take into account the various factors that are involved with marketing internationally. This piece will go over three crucial tips that every blog writer should factor into their online marketing strategy.…continue reading…

Do SEO Companies Abuse Google Authorship for Blogs?

Google Authorship

SEO companies are now abusing Google authorship to insert pictures on company websites that are not truly blogs. This only makes it that much more difficult for honest bloggers to reach a wider audience. Google attempted to do bloggers a favour by allowing them to display small pictures of themselves in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Unfortunately, many SEO companies quickly found a method to abuse this practice in order to increase conversions when people find their company’s pages in Google.…continue reading…