10 Blogging Tips to Help You Become a Successful Blogger

Blogging tips are shared by the top professionals across the web on a daily basis, but do you want to be the most popular blogger in the planet or at least, the most successful blogger in your niche. Every blogger when they start their blogging journey has similar dreams. But there are very few bloggers who are able to take themselves from being another blogger to a successful professional blogger.

You cannot become successful overnight; you need to work hard and gain and share lots of knowledge about your targeted niche through your blog posts and guest posts. You can measure your success through different metrics like number of visits your blog is getting or how many followers you have on different social media networks or how much money you actually are able to make from blogging. Different people can have difficult parameters to judge their success with blogging as they can have different blogging goals.

List of Blogging Tips to Become a Successful Blogger

In today’s special guest post, I’m going to share 10 blogging tips that should help you attain lots of success from blogging and thus will help you become a successful blogger.

1. First Impression is the Last Impressionhow to build a successful blog

If your blog don’t have decent layout and your blog readers are finding it hard to read your actual content, you need to fix it as the first priority item. It’s your blog design which is first viewed by your blog readers and if they don’t like it, they will simply close it and move to the next website.

So you need to make sure, there are no unwanted pop ups, too many ads above or around your actual content and no in-text ads. You should start observing your blog from the eyes of your blog readers and try to imagine what you would like to see after opening it and what are the problem areas. You could even take advice from your friends to improve the overall design and functionality of your blog. Your navigation links structure should be very clear and there should be a mention for each content type you cover on your blog.

2. Content Quality Matters the Most

It’s your content’s quality which matters a great deal. If it’s really good, it will motivate your blog readers to visit your blog again and again to read your latest blogging tips and keep up with your posts. You should use relevant and interesting images and videos to make your posts more interesting. No one loves to read a blog post carrying 1000 of words without a single image being used.

It’s also well said, a picture is worth a thousand words. You should proofread your blog posts for grammatical and sentence related errors before scheduling on your blog. It can be really irritating if you are reading a blog post that contains too many errors as it’s blog owner is unable to differentiate their and there even. One more thing, you should create an eye catching title for your blog posts.

It’s your blog post title that people see first when they browse your blog post listing in search engines. In case they don’t find it interesting, they will simply ignore it and switch to the next search engine result. So you have very few seconds to convert an impression into an actual click. Blog posts with eye catching headlines get better CTR (Click through Rate) in search engine results and other places of listings.

3. Write Guest Posts for Other Blogs

Write guest posts for other blogs in your targeted niche is one of the best things you could do to become a successful blogger. So the trick here will be making a list of most popular blogs in your niche and approach them with high quality guest posts. You can use MyBlogGuest community website to find targeted blogs for guest blogging. You can even get a list of around 200 blogs that allows guest blogging on Bloggers Passion blog where Anil Agarwal has shared all important metrics for blogs like their page rank, Alexa Rankings, contact details and guest blogging guidelines. So what are you waiting for? It’s action time, just go and publish your guest posts on top blogs in your niche to take your blogging journey to greater heights.

4. Reply to Comments

You should reply to comments coming on your blog posts. If you are not replying comments, don’t expect lots of comments appearing on your blog posts from genuine blog readers. If you are trying to answer most of questions you are getting from your blog readers in the form of comments, overall traffic and number of comments you are receiving on your blog posts will also increase to great extent. Your blog readers will also get the feeling there is someone who is not only listening their thoughts but also sending his own responses. Apart from your own blog posts, you should check your guest posts on regular basis and reply to incoming comments. But before doing any commenting activities, you should set an avatar for you on Gravatar.com.

5. Learn the Basics of SEO

You should start learning the basics of SEO. It will be your SEO skills that will take you from being an average blogger to a successful blogger. You need to look at maximum ethical methods to drive traffic to your blog from search engines. You should use targeted keywords in your blog post URL, Title, meta tags, as an alternative text with images, heading tags and few times in your actual blog content. You should interlink your blog posts where they make sense. Apart from this, you should link out to trusted websites to give additional information about a topic to your blog readers.

If you are blogging on WordPress and don’t know much about SEO and Onpage Optimization techniques, there are some plugins that can help you in perfecting the Onpage optimization activities on your blog posts and pages. You can give a try to Easy WP SEO plugin, which use 23 Onpage SEO factors while calculating the SEO Score for your blog contents.

6. Do Some Link Building Activities

No doubt guest blogging on other blogs will help you get some high quality backlinks for your blog from popular blogs in your niche. Apart from guest blogging, there are lots of traditional link building methods that you should adopt for generating more targeted backlinks for your blog. You cannot get much traffic to your blog without link building activities if you are blogging about a competitive niche. Some of link building activities you can adopt can be doing blog commenting activities on other blogs in your niche, submitting articles on ezine publishing websites and submitting your blog into high PR blog directories.

7. Create a Strong Presence on Social Media Websites

If you have been following search engine trends for some time, you would have clear idea about the importance of social media signals. You need to make sure your blog has a strong presence on Social Media networks like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

Are you allowing your blog readers to share blog posts of their interest on social media websites, if no start doing it now? Add links and icons for popular social media websites on your blog sidebar and at post level. If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, there are plugins like Digg Digg that will allow you add stylish share bar for these websites in your blog contents. Check out Ms. Ileane’s post to learn How to Boost Your Brand on Facebook and Drive Traffic To Your Blog.

8. Improve Speed of Your Blog

You need to look at all possible ways to improve the speed of your blog. If you are adding images, you should optimize their sizes before uploading on your blog. You should enter cleaned HTML into your blog posts. If you are blogging on WordPress, there are plugins that can help in improving the performance of your WordPress blog. You could use W3 Total Cache plugin for content caching and WP Optimize for database cleaning. You can expect a better ranking for your blog on Google with improved speed as sometime back Google included page speed as one of rankings factor in its search engine algorithms.

9. Improve Engagement on Your Blog

You should write engaging content on your blog. You should give a personal touch to your blog posts. You should ask questions; take advice and feedback from your blog readers. Apart from writing engaging content here’s a few more useful blogging tips – you should interlink your blog contents; use related posts, creating polls and surveys etc. on your blog. Install the CommentLuv plugin to encourage visitors to leave comments and interact with one another.

10. Monetize Your Blog

If one of your primary goals behind blogging is earning cash, you should start monetizing your blog once you start seeing some traffic on it. No doubt there are hundreds or even thousands of websites claiming to help you make money from your blog, but don’t believe on all of them. Google Adsense is still the most popular and most used monetization method used by content rich websites and blogs. If you are blogging about a particular niche, you can try selling some products based on your niche through your blog.

Please share your blogging tips and success story in the comments section below.




Anil Agarwal use to write unbiased reviews around different blogging products like SEMrush, Elegant Themes, Bluehost, Long Tail Pro etc on his BloggersPassion.com blog.


  1. Vivek

    Thanks for the great share. The article is really very informative. Point 2 : Content Quality Matters the Most, I think is the most important one and then come point 6. The rest are inter related.

    • Absolutely agree, that all in this list are great! I the quality contents is not enough to become a successful bloggers. Anil Agarwal, I think that you to become successful website to be creative and dynamic. We have to learnt faster about SEO and did many activities such social media, link building, and especially I love the commenting strategy and guest post because it is potential way for building online reputation

  2. Amrik Virdi

    Hi Anil,
    I liked the #8. I believe WordPress Plugins can increases the Loading Speed of a Blog. I use MaxCDN too. What you think?

    Best regards,
    Amrik Virdi

  3. No doubt Max CDN is very effective. I found w3 total cache plugin quite effective. After it’s implementation on BloggersPassion.com which I own, speed of my blog has improved to great extent. Google developer page speed testing tool has given a score of 94/100 to my blog. I have used few quality caching plugins that are available in WordPress plugin directory. WP Super Cache and W3 Total cache looks to be very popular. I did a comparison of these plugins here http://bloggerspassion.com/w3-total-cache-vs-wp-super-cache/ and it should help you select the best caching plugin for your WordPress blog.

  4. Hey Anil,

    It’s awesome to see you here at BBT after long time. This time you’ve come up with a nice post. I like what you said at first point, This is common that the first impression plays a huge role. We must be able to convince the visitors at their first impression and make them stay long at our blog.


    Ehsan U.

  5. Hi Anil, nice to see you Guest Posting at BBT, that’s really a Good way to be recognized and visible in the Blogosphere. But, I think you’re already visible properly so that’s not essential for you.

    Thanks for those Hot Tips, really impressed with tips.. And am already following most out of them! 😀

  6. Hi Anil,

    Excellent tips!

    Since I teach list building, I have to add, what about building your list?! Successful bloggers should also be building up their subscriber list every single day.

    As you pointed, it all starts with quality content – put out quality and get quality readers (and subscribers) back in return!

    Thanks for the great tips – have a great weekend!


  7. I agree you should definitely participate in the comments on your own blog. It keeps the real blog readers coming back, and like you said, let’s them know there’s a real person behind the blog. This also goes along with #9, in that you should engage your visitors on all levels, and make it more of a community feel, letting people know they are welcome to participate.

  8. Hey Anil, wonderful tips mate there are dozen of blogging tips we can read about, but those are some valuable ones indeed. Content quality is an all important one for me and second to that would be engagement. Great share on BBT as always.

  9. It was really a fantastic and motivational article for new bloggers like me. It really helped me a lot and motivated me to write more in the field of blogging. I wants to thank Anil for writing such a nice article for us.

  10. Hello Anil – I completely agree with you on all of those factors. The first one is the most important one I feel because if i dont like what I see on my first visit on a blog, I am sure i will never return back. If there is a landing page with no direction, it turns me off. If the home page is poorly designed with unwanted stuff, it is not my cup of tea.

    Good read. Thanks for sharing.

  11. The speed of my blog was something that I occasionally had comments about and since moving my blog to a new host my bounce rates have decreased and visitors have increased. Some great tips there many thanks

  12. Really, content does matters and actually all of the above factors does matters a lot if you are serious with your blog. You need a constant balance to score in SEO but since Google updates algo, you should dominate the search engine.

  13. I agree that the first impression is the last impression. Once a good impression fails to materialise in the first instance than its rather next to impossible to retain the visitor. Hence quality content is of utmost importance. The first and the most significance of all is the content. You have mentioned all the points that is required to get that success in blogging. The things mentioned on the”learn the basics of SEO” heading makes a lot of sense. The plugin mentioned is top quality and can really assist the blogger to make all the on page SEO right.

  14. Great list Anil and it’s good that you put the content quality on the top. It’s really one of the most useful tip that every starting blogger should know.
    Without useful content people will just ignore you.
    thanks for sharing

  15. When we start doing Seo we tend to write articles made for google
    Which lowers the quality of our post
    When we write great content for our readers, they link to it, so we don’t need to do seo :-)

  16. I feel the correct content with an extremely catchy headline would attract a large number of traffic. Firstly, the content should be quite influential to connect better with your audience and then make them visit again the next time. Commenting on other blogs can also be one good aspect to pull along different audiences.

  17. Excellent post Anil…!
    One more tip 😛 I’m here because of email marketing. Email marketing also contributes in blogging success. But all the tips you shared in the post comes first. Agree with you First impression is last impression. Layout and content of your blog should be unique to attract visitors and you should follow all other tips consistently to become successful.

  18. Hi Anil,

    this is really sound advice. First impressions are definitely the most important. Sometimes we go to a blog and we get pop-ups and advertisements everywhere, the first impression is that this is a spammer. At least in my opinion, that’s the impression I get.


  19. Yes, first impressions does last. For me, that starts with the layout and design. It gives me already some idea whether a blog is worth exploring and coming back to, or not. Aside from having way too much ads scattered all over the blog, I get so turned off by blogs where article is so difficult to read, whether it is because of the colors of both the fonts and the background, the size of the fonts, the choice of fonts, and the grammar.

  20. I believe that the first and probably the most important steps are choosing a niche and checking on competition. Actually can not say which one is more important, like any other job, all steps can not be underestimated.

  21. those blogging tips are really inspirational for me.although i follow those in my own blog so thanks for sharing.

  22. Personally, any site that is full of adsense and the like is a complete turn off for me. I think the owner is less concerned with content and more concerned with clicks!

  23. Website load time is the only thing that is troubling me from a long time I have been continuously working on it but for no effect but the points that have been mentioned over here are well explained i will follow each of them

  24. Good Points but the most important is the proof reading of the contents. Error in the contents display a bad professional image. A blogger is a writer that has also technological skills.

    • I don’t think that we should do guest blogging on only High PR blogs. I think we should do guest blog on Good blogs.Who knows that it will get PR in the next update. So My suggestion is to do guest blogging on both on high PR sites and a bit of low PR sites. The thing matters is just the host blog must not be spammy.

    • I love guest blogging on low as well as high pr blog. There are something that I see in a lot like its relevance with my own blog, content update frequency and its quality, how people are reacting on that blog with its social media presence.

  25. Anil, I’m going to implement those plug-ins ASAP. And I will definitely start adding more interactive tools. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Great tips! What I like the most is monetizing the blog. I always do quality posts in my blog so that it will rank better. I just don’t understand why some blogs do short 200 word posts but yet they still rank.

  27. great article . seriously . excuse me anil any way to explain how to increase site speed ? specially in a wordpress sites ? thanks

  28. Thanks for sharing such nice tips with us.
    I would like to say that Content quality is the thing that really matters ! If your content is worthy enough to get a good repute, you get a high PR you get good traffic, and appreciation through comments.

  29. great points anil , except the link building activities , i love it when you get links naturally cause they are effective in getting you traffic and google love’s them.

    Beside this all other points are very explained 😉

  30. Faissal Alhaithami

    Apart from writing top quality content on a consistent basis, you should also learn the basic marketing tactics. Unless you know how to add a marketing twist to the content you produce, you be able to monetize your blog to the maximum.

  31. Good points explained to succeed in blogging.

    It is alot of work, but with the right mentality you can succeed.

    Thanks for the article.

  32. There are many things we have to consider when building a blog, but these 10 tips cover pretty much everything. Nevertheless, I always start the job with quality posts and a easy design and user interface.

  33. I think these are some of the great tips to become a successful blogger. Doing guest posting and giving more hard work on content are good tips. Thanks Anil.

  34. Hi Anil!

    Great compiled list and I agree with you that success did not come overnight its the procedure of continuous gaining knowledge and information and hard working.

    Thanks for sharing great information

  35. Different people say different things on being a successful blogger, but I strongly believe is content is the king (The #2 point). All depend on the content.

  36. I feel commenting keeps the interest of the traffic on. Once the blogger makes a conversation with the traffic, they feel the blog is genuine and the information supplied would always be correct and good. Communication is the solution to all the problems and it might help the blogger a lot.

  37. These are very good tips, Anil, but I would also have added something about staying motivated as I know personally this can be a real income killer. :)

  38. Hi , How’re you?
    It’s awesome to see you here at BBT after long time. This time you’ve come up with a nice post. Thanks BBT for this article

  39. I really like that you have given the tip about speed. After moving my website from one host to another and installing a cache plugin. I really gained more visitors from organic searches.

  40. Nice set of blog tips Anil, you covered a lot of bases and give pretty good advice. I appreciate the mention and thanks to Ileane for putting on such great guest posts. :)

  41. Attracting attention of the correct traffic becomes so difficult sometimes, though we write some outstanding articles or posts. To make our blog popular and for them to show up in front of the online visitors we need to work towards our SEO skills. A successful blogger is the one who exceeds overall in all these tasks.

  42. Hey Anil

    Great tips indeed content and link building activities are important but I think responsive template and caching also play important role to gain popularity in blogging world.

  43. Hi Anil, found this blog through Steve Hippel Small Business Club, I am new to blogging and these are some great tips for a beginner. I’ve just started blogging, I have to agree specially with reply to blog comments, you have to allow time to answer a blog otherwise there is no point in starting, plus its a very good way to get your keywords and LSI words for your site inside the blog. I’m going to have a look around at the links you put on point 3 as this seem like a good idea, although I have found it very hard finding blogs regarding car detailing/car valeting

  44. Forming a community of bloggers and leaving valuable comments as well as guest blogging have been very successful for me. Thanks for reiterating these topics-sure to stay in the minds of new bloggers.

  45. Thanks for these great blogging tips. If a reader comes to your blog and doesn’t find something interesting and worthwhile, there are very minimal chances that he will come back again. There is no alternate to consistently writing quality content. Guest blogging can add to the popularity of any blog.

  46. One does not become a successful blogger unless his presence is felt on the web in the crowd of thousands of bloggers who post their content regularly. Generating traffic is a bigger challenge then writing a powerful post. It is all inter related to each other. Altogether I agree with your post.

  47. all the tips are really helpful.. if you want to get success in your blogging career you should follow all the tips… thanxxx for sharing such a wonderful article………

  48. Thanks for this great post bro. Those tips are really great and i am agree with you that we have reply the comments, so that people will find that there is a real human behind the blog.

  49. Those are awesome blogging tips that i urge anybody that’s thinking of becoming a successful blogger to adopt but you must also be very careful with the rate you monetize your site so as to avoid slow speed loading of site. thanks for sharing

  50. Awesome article.. learn some basics regarding SEO. This is one of the most important aspects if you want to make a successful blog..SEO plays a vital role to make any blog hit or flop..
    Thanks for the article.. 😀

  51. I also believed in Content Quality Matters the Most for blog as well as website & due to this quality of content, Content is called king & most effect on blog to drive high traffic on blog.

  52. Hi Anil,

    Your 10 tips are great and it’s hard to not agree with you. But I believe that the two most important ones are creating high quality content (that stands out) and creating strong relationships. If you those two right, you’ll be way ahead of a lot of people.

  53. I completely agree with you. All these tips (specially 1 & 2) are really helpful for me. Thanks for sharing this valuable information..! really appreciate.

  54. I am completely agree with your technique regarding success in blogging and i recommended every blogger to get traffic from different sources but on my personal experience the best way to get traffic is from Search Engines i.e. Google or Bing and i dont like to get traffic from referral sites because its a temporary way of getting traffic and you won’t be successful in it but if you want to be a successful blogger than the best way of traffic for a long term than is potential traffic and every one to follow your steps because its the only potential way to become successful. Thanks for your valuable post.

    I hope my comment will add some value to this post and will help others to find the better way of leads toward success in blogging. Thanks alot.

  55. mithun

    This article was very helpful for me in knowing the basics of SEO. So i ll try to concentrate more on SEO for the betterment of my blog. Thanks :-)

  56. Great list there and they are very helpful points. make your reader be free with you by associating yourself with them and help them with their blogging problem. SEO is very very important for every blog or website because it help your site rank well and also generate you with huge traffic. guest post is a very good way to generate traffic back to your site and using plugin that can really help in terms of speed and cache will sure bring success to your blogging career. thanks for sharing

  57. Awesome tips I must say.

    Lots of new bloggers dream is to become a successful blogger and the tips that you have mentioned here are really awesome.

    Thanks for the lovely post.

  58. This is really helpful! I’m a new blogger and can use all the help I can get. I have tons of ideas for posts I just need to expand my audience.

  59. It’s true that hard work and share lots of knowledge about their targeted niche through their blog post and guest post to become a successful blogger. You can judge your success through different metrics like number of visit and follows. It really helped and motivated me to write better in the field of blogging. There are different way but i like commenting, and it bring more traffic.

  60. Hi – Thanks for the tips. I’m trying to optimize my health & weight loss blog and make it more interesting for readers. There are so many things for me to learn. I got some great ideas from you and already have plans to change my layout and design and get that great first impression you mentioned that keeps my readers coming back for more.

  61. Anil, a really well written article. What impressed me most, was the hyperlinks you suggested which would take interested users to MyBlogGuest.com community website. The 200 blogs list compiled by Anil Agarwal was also very valuable. One more thing, replying to comments on your blog “in time” is also a very important factor to become a successful blogger.

  62. I am currently writing a blog about my start-out journey towards blogging, and was completely unfamiliar with the term SEO. Is that a programming language? And, also, I’ve been trying to find the plug-ins you mentioned in WordPress, but have not had much luck so far. Any hints?